Trent Knox is a multi-media professional from the Austin, Texas area. He grew up a military brat, however had the privilege of living most of his adolescent life in Texas. After graduating from high school, he attended Texas State University - San Marcos for his freshmen year. There, he studied Mass Communications and General Studies. Deciding that the social life and the temptations of over indulgence were negatively affecting his studies, he made a decision to transfer to University of Hawaii at Manoa, outside of Honolulu, HI, on the island of Oahu. At the time, his goals were to pursue his bachelors degree and continue his education by going to law school. However, he quickly realized that he was not studious enough to maintain concentration long enough, at that time, to properly achieve these goals, and he also understood the financial burden of his ignorance would lead to a long term poor decision. Having complications in transferring credits and there not being an exact major that maintained the same course curriculum as his previous university, he made a decision to enter the independent film making program, Academy of Creative Media. Mind you in hindsight, this was not one of his best decision, though he did not receive proper counseling from the university as to what would lead to a career on completion of the degree program. Unfortunately, in the Fall of 2014, he moved from Honolulu, HI to Colorado Springs, CO. He had not completed his basic required credits to graduate, so he made a poor decision to transfer to University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. The reason he did this was an attempt to maintain his full-time student benefits, however he took some ridiculous courses that did not benefit his course requirements to graduate and resulted in an overall waste of time and money. Continuing forward, he completed his bachelors degree in Creative Media during the summer semester of 2015, from online courses provided by UH Manoa.

After graduation, it was extremely difficult for him to find employment. He states, "I don't believe that at the age of 21, that I was in the right mindset to be pursuing any type of work or looking for some type of career." His immaturity is still very much an obstacle he is consistently working to overcome. He did not utilize his degree in application until later in 2015, when he began volunteering for a local actors workshop in Colorado Springs, CO. During this time, he was extremely immature and did not see what opportunity was being provided to him. Mind you, that the whole time that he went to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, he never had the opportunity to take a course that educated him on the technical application of the particular photo or video equipment that he personally had to utilize. The only technical course that he had taken was a video editing course, utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud software. Unfortunately, at the time he was doing volunteer videography for the actors workshop, the cost of the Adobe Creative Cloud membership became a financial burden to him. He eventually began flaking out on the actors workshop that year, because he was emotionally losing his mind. With the pressure of his family and a tsunami of debt being compiled on him every month due to his ignorance of financial literacy during his time spend as an unemployed college student. He took a seasonal position, as a Walmart Electronic Sales Associate, during the 2015 Christmas season. He was eventually let go, after the season, on account that the Walmart was over staffed for the holidays and would need to downsize during the off season.

Again, he was unemployed for quite some time. Even during this troubled time, he was unable to get his mind together. In which to, work toward a plan and execution where he would be utilize his talents and skills related to the degree in which he obtained from a multi-thousand dollar university degree in Creative Media. As a result, he continued to seek counseling, which provided nothing of value to him. He eventually decided to seek help from the local workforce, however a year had passed by the time an opportunity was presented to him, to intern at minimum wage, at a local non-profit. He did not last at this position because there was no structured plan for him to follow. He was let go before the internship was completed, because they could not find any use for him. He was unemployed again, however he decided to attend a career fair hosted by the workforce. There he found a position at the local television affiliate, however he was unprepared for the requirements and social construction of that position. The position that he received was not the one he had thought he was going to be doing. He was placed in the sales department of the digital & television marketing team. While he had sales experience, it had been quite some time since he had worked for a sales company that did not generate their own leads. One day, when he was working on a sale, he made some poor decisions and those decisions lead to him being let go from the position.

Once again, he was unemployed. However, this time he had gained some motivation to pursue developing a portfolio to be able to showcase potential clients or employers his talents and skills. Though again, somewhere in between the balance of intelligence & ignorance, he fell short of producing any valuable content that would be of benefit to his cause. He had decided to go back to volunteering for the actors workshop, however none of that work ever saw the light of day. He shot a music video for a student at the University, however that video was extremely terrible quality. He had attempted to help an actor from the actors workshop to produce a web series for YouTube, however that fell short as well. Feeling extremely defeated, he fell into a deep dark depression. The worst he had ever experienced, for months he did not leave his room. At this time, he found some solace in watching other people play video games on a site called Twitch.TV. He had spent sometime watching esports championships online, however he had not spent that much time watching players create content surrounding the games they enjoy playing online. He got some advice from a family member to apply to drive for a ride share company, because he was finding success in doing that while he was attending school. He decided to take his uncle's advice and applied to drive LYFT. He was fortunate to be accepted to become a driver, and it was one of the greatest times in his life. With this opportunity, he was able to move back to the Austin, Texas area where he grew up. However, that did not last very long and he was kicked off of the platform when company policies became extremely tight. LYFT began requiring fingerprinting for all of their drivers and his criminal record from when he was an adolescent continued to haunt him.

He took some odd ball jobs, to which no avail, that brought him no financial success, and honestly lead him to darker emotional places then he had been before. He worked for car washes, valet companies, landscape companies, bartended, and he served tables. None of these things brought him any happiness or improvement of his self worth. In January of 2017, he decided to turn the camera on himself and begun live streaming a show called Live From The ATX on the Austin Live & Local Facebook Page. He created the page after speaking with his good friend Robin Kariel, drone pilot for SkyClad AP, about the need to have an organic media outlet to cover the underground art scene of Austin, TX. In collaboration with Artist Breaking Boundaries, a production company founded by Robert Baker & Christopher Tuten, he produced the Live From The ATX show from the set of their house & garage. During the first season of Live From The ATX, guest included Mr. Baker, Mr. Tuten, Sebastian Thomas, and Jordan Love. After a disagreement & falling out with Mr. Tuten, he ended the collaboration with Artist Breaking Boundaries in May of 2017. During this time, he began collaborating with Bryan Kern of Common Chaos. Common Chaos is a fringe social podcast covering a variety of topics about the human experience. Mr. Kern and he eventually co-founded the business of Austin Live & Local and paved the way for the structure it has today. Now on the second season of Live From The ATX, the show presents guests and speaks directly on the subjects of Austin, TX art scene. Mr. Kern decided that he wanted to focus on producing Common Chaos, so he separated from Austin Live & Local in July of 2018.

At the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, Mr. Knox spent time working as a bartender and club promoter. He continued this work until about June of 2018.

Mid 2018, he began collaborating on projects with Tanner Walters. Mr. Walters founded the company Kreaterz, and Mr. Knox was a key collaborator in this development. The two initially began working together on a project called Xploru, which is still in it's development faze. Kreaterz developed much faster than Xploru. Kreaterz is the parent company for Xploru. Mr. Knox discovered Mr. Walters through his webseries on YouTube. Mr. Walters is the face behind the vlog series called Me & My Camera documenting the life and journey of Tanner Walters.

At the end of 2018, Mr. Knox experimented with the idea of joining Tyler Carter in developing a content creator house. The project was tilted Purple Palace and it lasted until December of 2018.

At the beginning of 2019, Mr. Knox strayed away from content creation and was forced to do gig economy work. The financial institutions were on his back about unpaid debts and he need short term cash.

In Q2 of 2019, Mr. Knox expanded his company Cyber City Media to work with Robert Gardner Wellness.

In Q3 of 2019, Mr. Knox established Esports Business Network.

In Q4 of 2019, Mr. Knox founded 9KEYS LLC. The holding company for brands Austin Live & Local LLC, Trent Knox Productions LLC, Esports Business Network LLC, and Cyber City Media LLC.

In Q1 of 2020, Mr. Knox produced a two part webinar series for Robert Gardner Wellness LLC.

In Q2 of 2020, the pandemic of coronavirus happened.