Trent Knox is a multi-media professional from the Austin, Texas area.

He produces social media content, podcasts, and web series.

He is an audio engineer, photographer, videographer, social media manager, and gaming content creator.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media & Narrative Filmmaking from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He is furthering his education with a Professional Social Media Marketing degree or SMMA degree.

He is passionate about the eSports & gaming industry, as well as, education, business, music, and emerging technology.

He host his own self-titled podcast and web series called the Trent Knox Show.

He founded Austin Live & Local, an Austin, Texas based press & media outlet that highlights, publicizes, and promotes local artist, brands, and events.

He is a founding member of Dead 13, a horror production company out of Central Texas, that is responsible for the production of Slaughter Farms Haunted House.

He is a former member and co-founder of Kreaterz Media, a new age media company aiming to bridge the gap between creativity & entrepreneurship through applied skills and industry knowledge.

He is the founder of Cyber City Media, a media conglomerate that is changing the perspective of emerging cultures, technologies, and educational systems.

He founded Esports Business Network to bridge the gap between media professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and Esports influnecers.

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